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Life Smiles Project Mission

Have you ever wondered why you have never felt fulfilled and sometimes restless? I realized this and I have made a life commitment to develop a cause which will make my soul and those who care wealthy with LOVE and PASSION for Others. As my mother was rushed to the hospital because she fell down the stairs. I was an emergency delivery barely a pulse. The umbilical cord around my neck and completely reversed in the womb, the doctors son who was going thru medical school was the only doctor available as it was the 4th of July weekend. He could only pull me out of my

mother with my left arm. This tore the muscles and

nerves in the arm rendering it useless.

However, he did save my life.

For years the doctors required me to go to the hospital

for treatments, this was the 1960's. The hospital was a

scary place for a boy who was going thru electro 

stimulation therapy on my slowly improving left arm.

Eventually we accomplished the ability to utilize this arm

to 30% and no one could really tell that the arm was slightly shorter and less muscular. Thanks to the doctors and nurses I am living a normal, full life. The hospitals have become more child friendly these days, but I felt I could add something to the equation. I have wanted to do this for years, always placed the idea on the back burner. No longer, it is our mission. With the help of some very caring and talented artists, we launched this program April 3rd 2017!  WE have CREATED a way to TAKE this Mission of Life Smiles into Action!!!


Our motto and driving force is:

“10 Million Smiles….NOT ONE LESS!!

We may not create a cure, but insist on Creating Smiles.

There are Millions of Children Hospitalized each year,

many are cured. Unfortunately most children require

an extended hospital stay. While we already know that our medical impact is unmeasured, however, it is proven that a positive, fun and bonding experience will go a long way to strengthen their resolve in both mind and spirit inside these wonderful children. Our Mission is designed to create a fun and engaging activities which bring smiles to the children, their families, hospital staff and of course to myself and volunteers.

There is NEVER A COSTS to the children their families, the hospital or facility. We bring the Life Smiles Kits to the children. Myself (Dressed as a Turtle "Sammie Smiles") and our artists will provide companionship and assistance through the entire process and beyond.​

This project was designed and organized by a National Board Certified Art Instructor Suzy Pease, who also happens to be an Award Winning, World Renowned Sculptor. We organize the Fun process and select each item needed for painting, coloring, slime and Playdough making and other fun activities. We have simplified the Loving, Fun activities with meaning for every child with The Life Smiles Project.


We have begun a vision of The Art House of Love. An environment where children and their family can come to the Art studio and create anything they desire or take lessons from our volunteer Artist staff. There will be no charge for the activity for the child who is no longer requiring hospitalization and is not contagious. We ask that they stay accompanied by their parent or guardian as we will not be a daycare facility.  

Our plan is to purchase a building and renovate it to our specifications to ensure ease of access and get maximum effect.

In our Vision is the following:

Purchase a building which meets most if not all our needs near downtown St. Petersburg art district.

A studio where any type of art can be created, Painting, drawing, sculpting and Multimedia.

A kiln area to bake the sculptures.

A outdoor walking exercise area with a butterfly atrium to sit and meditate.

A gallery to display works of art.

A gift shop to create donations.

How will The Art House of Love be Financed:


Corporate Donations


Supplies will be donated by art stores and retail outlets.

We estimate the costs to purchase, build out and cover expenses for 1 year at $500,000. After that time as we own the property our costs will be the typical power, water, internet, upkeep and taxes. We will raise revenue by offering community time to take classes. No one will ever get paid to volunteer at the facility.


Our Millions of Smiles Organization is solely interested in producing Love and 10 Million Smiles…Not ONE LESS!!! That’s our motto…ONWARD TO OUR MISSION TOGETHER!


Though this is the largest hurdle any family has faced, they are confident and remain positive that the illness can be beat.


Create a social legacy and know you are a cornerstone of Love.

We have developed a New Project, along with The Life Smiles Project is

"The Big Smiles Bags" these Big Smiles are for those unfortunate

children who must stay in their hospital room.  It is a very trying

time for those strong children and we want them to have as many distractions

and fun during this time. Our Big Smiles Bags consist of a Girls Bag

and a Boys bag, each contains:

A decorated Sea Turtle pendant coloring and painting activities,

personalized decorative packaging, a puzzle book, a plush Frog called "Hoppy" or

a Duck called "Ducky",  a signed Personalized Birthday card created by

Reel Rad Fish Art Designs, Bubbles, Links to Free Android apps, Stickers, Items from The Local Sports Teams,

Thanks to The Lightning and The Rays, Plus more as we receive awesome  contributions.   

There will be NO COSTS to the children their families, the hospital or facility. We have also

created a fun app in the Android Store for the children or adults to play 100% ad free rated for children.



No admin fees, no salaries, no call centers, no financial out lays, or consultation fees. EVER PERIOD. We hold events for our artist and volunteers in which sponsors contribute to the art shows and events.

That is 100% No BS.

How do we do it...we go to work like you and everyone else...this is our passion, our recreation. No amount of compensation will ever equal the Smiles from these children and their strength...make us all stronger.

Millions of Smiles will incur the costs for this special Life Smiles activity thru our Loving, nonprofit organization. We receive the items required for the Life Smiles Project thru donations by Ourselves, Compassionate Companies and generous people.

Thank You for considering participation in our worthy mission!!

-- Thanks, Mike Berginc