The Art House of Love Game Plan

We have begun a vision of The Art House of Love. An environment where children and their family can come to the Art studio and create anything they desire or take lessons from our volunteer Artist staff. There will be no charge for the activity for the child who is no longer requiring hospitalization and is not contagious. We ask that they stay accompanied by their parent or guardian as we will not be a daycare facility.  

Our plan is to purchase a building and renovate it to our specifications to ensure ease of access and get maximum effect.

In our Vision is the following:

Purchase a building which meets most if not all our needs near downtown St. Petersburg art district.

A studio where any type of art can be created, Painting, drawing, sculpting and Multimedia.

A kiln area to bake the sculptures.

A outdoor walking exercise area with a butterfly atrium to sit and meditate.

A gallery to display works of art.

A gift shop to create donations.

How will The Art House of Love be Financed:


Corporate Donations


Supplies will be donated by art stores and retail outlets.

We estimate the costs to purchase, build out and cover expenses for 1 year at $500,000. After that time as we own the property our costs will be the typical power, water, internet, upkeep and taxes. We will raise revenue by offering community time to take classes. No one will ever get paid to volunteer at the facility.


Our Millions of Smiles Organization is solely interested in producing Love and 10 Million Smiles…Not ONE LESS!!! That’s our motto…ONWARD TO OUR MISSION TOGETHER!

There are 2 ways to help the children and Be Recognized for your loving gift.

1. Go to our Crowdfunding site and donate $100 to have a brick with your name on it to build The Art House of Love.


2. Click on Donate from our site and donate $100 to have a brick with your name on it to build The Art House of Love.

All that it takes is 5000 bricks to build the Love!!!

Thanks You in Advance!!


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